Diane Petrucci

Executive Team

Diane Petrucci, Chief Financial Officer

Diane Petrucci is responsible for the financial functions at SOCAN. She oversees key financial areas, including financial reporting, operational budget planning and managing financial risks. Diane has been with SOCAN for more than a decade, holding leadership positions within the organization’s Finance and Operational Audit departments. Her accomplishments at SOCAN include successfully implementing a robust audit department in 2009, which today helps facilitate regulatory and compliance processes. Diane also established the organization’s pension-governance framework, which assists SOCAN in meeting its fiduciary obligations to members of the employee pension plan. Prior to joining SOCAN, Diane spent over 13 years working at a Canadian accounting firm, specializing in accounting and audit. In addition to being Chief Financial Officer, Diane serves as a Wellness Ambassador, guiding and mentoring SOCAN employees on workplace mental health, and occasionally participates as a panelist and speaker at corporate governance events in Canada. Diane completed her degree in Business Administration at York University.