Kit Wheeler

Executive Team

Kit Wheeler, Vice President - Distribution

Kit Wheeler is responsible for the distribution of royalties to SOCAN members for their music performed around the world, and the domestic performances of international members.  Her role includes the management of an accurate repertoire database, acquiring and validating performance details from numerous data providers, receipt and review of SOCAN members’ foreign activity, with the ultimate goal of ensuring an accurate and timely distribution.  Since joining SOCAN in 2001, Kit has gained experience and knowledge of the inner-workings in a number of areas, starting as a Business Analyst in the organization's Finance department where she implemented the budgeting and forecasting process. She progressed to be Project Manager in the Distribution department for the Reengineering initiative.  In her next role as the Manager of the Concerts department, she worked with Membership to identify opportunities to increase distribution to members.  Most recently she led the Licensing department's operational team as a Director, developing online tools and communications programs to improve relationships with Licensees, simplifying the SOCAN Licensee experience by creating far better clarity and efficiency.  Prior to joining SOCAN, Kit worked in financial roles in in both corporate and non-profit organizations where she built financial systems and processes.  Kit’s studies include Bachelor of Commerce at University of Toronto and a designation towards CGA certification.