Criteria for Song of the Week selection

  1. Quality of the actual song (music and lyrics)
  2. Sound quality of the recording
  3. Professionalism/musicianship of the recording
  4. Popularity and profile of the candidate
  5. Candidate’s involvement with SOCAN
  6. Balance of genres, to be all-inclusive – jazz, folk, rap, rock, blues, classical, etc.
  7. Geographical balance, to include candidates from all areas of the country
  8. Linguistic balance of Anglophone and Francophone songs
  9. Gender balance, to include representative numbers of men and women candidates
  10. Cultural balance of candidates, to reflect the multi-cultural nature of Canada
  11. Career arc -- we want a balance of newcomers, established artists, veterans, etc.
  12. Recommendations of senior SOCAN Membership staff