Executive Governance Committee

The Executive Governance Committee is made up of the Board of Directors' elected officers and committee chairs. The purpose of the Committee is to ensure that the Board’s governance system and processes are effective, efficient and enhance corporate performance, enable efficient and effective Board work, and provide continuity for SOCAN operations between board meetings.

In co-operation with the executive team, the committee reviews and develops agendas and reviews content for the Board meetings. The committee also creates a calendar or work plan of activities and strategic discussions for the year, supporting the current strategic plan and including reviews of SOCAN’s annual budget, advocacy policies, etc. The work plan makes it easier for both management and the Board to monitor progress toward meeting our strategic objectives.

The EGC also has the responsibility to act as the Board’s compensation committee with regard to the CEO. In this capacity, the EGC manages the annual CEO evaluation process, which includes performance agreements with annual targets, etc. Additionally, the EGC coordinates a Board effectiveness evaluation and a peer assessment process to ensure that the Board of Directors operates to its fullest potential.

Three members of the EGC committee also form half of SOCAN’s pension committee, with the other half made up of the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Administration Officer.