Role and Achievements

While the day-to-day operations are the responsibility of SOCAN’s management team and staff, the Board of Directors is responsible to set the strategic direction for SOCAN, set policies, review and approve distribution rules, monitor investments and risks, and approve the annual budget.

The Board of Directors is responsible and accountable to members to ensure, on their behalf, that they are receiving the best value and representation in their relationship with SOCAN.  The Board works with management to develop and approve the strategic plan; monitor the implementation of the plan; measure the progress of meeting various targets, tracking budget forecasting throughout the year and managing risks.  

The work of the board is also divided among its various committees, who go into greater specific detail about the activities of SOCAN, focusing on Membership; Tariff Licensing and Distribution; and Risk Identification and Management. These committees analyze reports from management, in detail, regarding these specific areas and make recommendations to the Board of Directors where actions or changes need to be implemented.  In this Board and Committee structure, the Board is able to effectively oversee and monitor the activities of SOCAN and its management to enable it to run efficiently, transparently and in the best interest of SOCAN’s members.