Tariff, Licensing and Distribution Committee

The mandate of the Tariff, Licensing and Distribution Committee is to assist the Board of Directors to ensure appropriate tariffs are proposed to the Copyright Board, oversees SOCAN’s licensing strategies, and recommends fair and appropriate distribution rules to the Board for approval. 

The committee annually reviews SOCAN’s tariffs, proposing changes when required; monitors the use of music in the marketplace and proposes new tariffs where appropriate; reviews SOCAN’s current licensing strategies and monitors their results; reviews and recommends approval of negotiated agreements with licensees; regularly reviews SOCAN’s Distribution Rules, distribution methods and documentation, monitoring their fairness, efficiency, results and effectiveness, and proposing changes where necessary; and reviews member concerns regarding the application of tariffs and distribution rules.

The committee helps SOCAN analyze the effects of the evolving shift in music consumption from traditional media (TV, cable, radio) to digital and online, trying to better understand how this will impact licensing revenues and royalty distributions, and ensuring fairness and accuracy, as well as recommending the creation of new distribution pools for specific online uses, where required.

The committee works to ensure that SOCAN’s licensing and distribution policies continue to be efficient, creative and responsive. These strategies are aligned to cost-effectiveness and providing new and value-added services.