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SOCAN House Los Angeles

SOCAN is pleased to offer accommodations in Los Angeles exclusively for all SOCAN writers, composers and publishers who are visiting the city to further their career, craft or business. The newly updated SOCAN House L.A. is a private apartment nestled in the beautiful city of Silverlake, only steps away from the famous Sunset Boulevard. If you’d like to book a stay at SOCAN House L.A. but aren't a member yet, it's easy to become one. To find out more about SOCAN House L.A. and how to book a room, please click on the links below. Please note that because of the increased demand at SOCAN House L.A., the “first-come, first-served” policy is no longer in effect. If more than one member requests the same week, applications will be reviewed and a member selected.

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Other Accommodations

If L.A. House is booked during the time that you wish to visit, there's a wide range of hotels to choose from.

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Other Useful Information

Where to play, where to dine, who to meet, what to see and do during your visit to Los Angeles.

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