Get Paid When Your Music is Played

SOCAN members receive royalties when their music is performed on the radio, on TV, in concert, in film, in bars, digitally, internationally, and much more. 

Music Creators

To become a SOCAN member, music creators must meet the following criteria:

  • be a music composer, songwriter, or lyricist;
  • have created a musical work or part of a musical work that has been:
    • published by a music publisher; or
    • recorded; or
    • performed (or will be) in a public forum (i.e. radio, television, film, live performance, satellite radio, ringtone or internet) subject to licensing by SOCAN

Membership is free for music creators who apply online.

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Music Publishers

To become a SOCAN member, music publishers must have signed contracts showing:

  • You own at least five copyrighted protected musical works written or co-written by a writer member of SOCAN or by a Canadian; or
  • You are entitled by contract to receive the publisher's share of the performance credits of at least five copyright protected musical works that were written or co-written by a writer member of SOCAN or by a Canadian.

There is a one-time, non-refundable, membership fee of $50 (plus applicable taxes) for music publishers. (Proof of citizenship may be requested – i.e. Passport, birth certificate, immigration document)

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