SOCAN + Audiam + MediaNet = The World's Most Comprehensive Music Rights Services

SOCAN was created with a simple premise to solve a complicated problem: provide an easy, efficient and fair way to license music, enabling songwriters, composers and music publishers to be paid fairly for the use of their work.

By doing so we can set music free, for the benefit of everyone: music fans, music creators and music-using businesses.

SOCAN has never wavered from that fundamental goal.

But the way that people listen to music has.

Unfortunately, the required information and digital back-end systems to allow easy licensing and payments in the new streaming and digital industry were never put in place, resulting in an unhealthy music industry that generates less revenue, slows growth, fosters ill-will and even prompts legal action.

This is not good for anyone.

SOCAN wants to remove the barriers and problems to enable more music to be heard, streamed, discovered and shared through the new technologies that exist today.

With SOCAN's acquisition of Audiam and MediaNet, we are now able to offer a full suite of all-inclusive or à la carte services to digital service providers and music publishers, solving many problems, breaking down many barriers, leveraging new technologies.

Interactive Streaming / Digital Service Provider (DSP) Services

Services and products are available to any DSP / interactive streaming service located anywhere in the world, including:

  • Access to global catalogue of sound recordings (52-million-plus).
  • Integrated Content Management Platform - Ingestion, normalization, encoding/QA from 1,000's of content owners, labels, and publishers.
  • Custom catalog management - Pricing, promotions/exclusives, metadata, exclusive content.
  • Rights-managed sound recording catalog – sound recordings matched to all copyright owners.
  • Digital music fulfillment - downloads, streaming, radio, samples, mobile support, images.
  • Fulfillment of sound recordings based on unique DSP licenses, by territory, by subscription product; Integrated with major content delivery networks (CDN).
  • End-user subscription and account management platform.
  • Plug and play, label approved non-interactive "digital radio" solution for retailers and radio broadcasters; DMCA compliant.
  • Enabling technologies - fingerprinting, search, discovery, playlisting, and more.
  • Label royalty administration - data warehousing, financial and usage reports, payments, reconciliation.
  • Real time usage tracking of DSP streams using MediaNet APIs, regardless of source of fulfillment.
  • High-scale royalty tracking and data management capable of processing  
  • Section 115 compliant NOI (Notice of Intent) licenses (US).
  • Composition conflict resolution.
  • Mapping and linking of sound recordings to compositions.
  • Identification of songwriters for compositions.
  • Confirmation of songwriter splits for compositions.
  • Customized royalty calculations and statements.
  • Delivery of royalty statements to rights holders.
  • Administration of payments to rights holders.
  • Composition metadata enhancement including all ISRCs / sound recording metadata.
  • Direct licensing options.
  • Songwriter/publisher royalty calculation splits.
  • Confirmation if composition is registered with the US Copyright Office.

Music Publisher and Label Services

Services and products are available to any music publishing administrator anywhere in the world.

  • Identification of YouTube videos using publisher compositions clients that do not have a license.
  • Monetization or take down of YouTube videos using unlicensed compositions.
  • Identification and/or correction of wrong, inaccurate or other "bad" data in the YouTube database.
  • Identification of sound recordings/ISRCs and other metadata all digitally commercially released embodying compositions.
  • Stand-alone audits of digital mechanical royalty statements.
  • Composition metadata enhancement (i.e., ISWCs, ISRCs, etc.) and normalization.
  • Royalty administration to songwriters.
  •  Royalty administration to publishers
  • Composition conflict resolution.
  • Royalty revenue projections.
  • Metadata delivery to digital services.
  • Licensing of musical compositions in the US and/or Canada.
  • Design, development, execution, hosting and/or implementation of software and database architecture.
  •  Royalty recovery services for licensed but unpaid royalties.
  • Settlement recovery services.
  •  Licensing and collection of other digital rights services, such as: interactive digital streaming services, tethered downloads, ringtones, "scan and match" locker services, digital karaoke, digital juke-boxes and other interactive streaming digital uses.
  • Licensing of mechanical rights for labels and distributors.
  • Administration of mechanical rights for labels and distributors.
  • Administration of neighboring rights for labels outside the US.
  • Direct collection and administration of royalties from DSPs.

Music Rights Organizations

Services and products are available to any music collection society or rights organization anywhere in the world.

  • Development of a custom administration platform including licensing framework, rate structure and distribution rules.
  • Optional hosted and/or managed solutions available.
  •  Music user market analysis, music rights forecasting.
  • Business intelligence solutions to provide insight into specific catalogue, highlighting trends and volatility.
  • Establishment of rate, market analysis, operational reporting and core processes.
  • Setup systems necessary to perform the core licensing activities of sales, account management and collections.
  • Training in systems, processes and best practices.
  • Data management of repertoire for multiple rights, distribution rules, distribution timing and overhead rates.
  • Creation of online property for society including online business portals.

For further information on these services and anything pertaining to SOCAN, Audiam and MediaNet:

Music Creators and Publishers: please contact SOCAN via email (, or by phone at 1-866-307-6226.

Music Licensees: please contact SOCAN via email (, or by phone at 1-866-944-6223.