“C’est la vie” earns Bobby Bazini a SOCAN No. 1 Song Award

SOCAN’s chief of Québec affairs, Geneviève Côté, applauds as Bobby Bazini receives his SOCAN No. 1 Song Award during his interview with CHOM-FM on-air personality Terry DiMonte.
January 11, 2017

Last year came to a very pleasant end for SOCAN member Bobby Bazini on Dec. 23, 2016, when he received a SOCAN No. 1 Song Award for “C’est la vie” which reached the top of the Correspondants anglophone radio chart on Dec. 20, 2016.

Geneviève Côté, SOCAN’s chief of Québec affairs, paid him a surprise visit in the studios of Montréal’s CHOM-FM radio station while he was being interviewed on Terry DiMonte’s morning show. Côté walked in at the tail end of the interview to give Bazini his plaque and medal, and the rejoicing artist declared, “This is my first gold medal ever, in my whole life! This is the best Christmas present!” You can actually listen to the magical moment on CHOM FM’s web site (starting at 20:30). Bazini was accompanied by his manager, Mike Gauthier, and Universal Music’s Éric Boisvert.

Bazini proudly wore his SOCAN No. 1 song medal (detachable from the plaque) during his next interview at Rouge FM (which you can watch on video here).

“C’est la vie” also reached the peak position on the CBC Radio 2 Top 20 on October 14, 2016.

The winning song was co-written by Bazini with producer Martin Terefe, and is published by Bobby Bazini Publishing, Songs of Universal and West Eight Music Publishing.

SOCAN congratulates the co-creators and co-publishers of this wonderful song, the first by Bazini to be honoured with a SOCAN No. 1 Song Award.