“SOCAN on the Island” Song Camp creates a record 45 songs in a week

Photo: Tyler Shaw
October 26, 2017

At the “SOCAN on the Island” Song Camp, held Oct. 11-18, 2017, at a remote estate acreage on Pender Island, British Columbia, 17 participating songwriters and producers created a record 45 songs in one week of collaborative songwriting. This second annual SOCAN invitational West Coast song camp fostered strong collaborative opportunities, not only during the week, but for many future co-writing relationships.

The participants included 17 songwriters from four different provinces – BC, Manitoba, Ontario, and Québec – and one from the U.K. To determine participants, SOCAN reached out to music publishers, record label A&R representatives, and other industry taste-makers with a call for submissions.

The “SOCAN on the Island” song camp – facilitated by SOCAN’s General Manager, Los Angeles Division, Chad Richardson, and A&R Administrator Melissa Cameron – gathered together artists like FAANGS, Darcys, Begonia, and members of Delhi 2 Dublin, and producers like FOXTROTT and Joel Stouffer, at the Whale Pod Chalet and Buddha Cottage on Pender Island. The participants included clients of such publishers as Sony/ATV Music Publishing Canada, BMG Rights Management Canada, Arts & Crafts Music, Third Side Music Inc., and Ultra Tunes Canada.

Recording some vocals at the 2017 “SOCAN on the Island” Song Camp on Pender Island. Left to right: Joël Lobban, FOXTROTT, POMO. (Photo: Melissa Cameron)

Each morning at 10:00 a.m., the participants received their group assignments – which changed daily – then spent the full day and evening in those small groups, writing the best songs they could together. Each night at 10:00 p.m., the entire camp would gather in the studio to listen to the playback of the songs created that day.

"One of the things that I thought was very unique about this camp is so many of the songwriters ‘discovered’ things about themselves that they didn't realize that they had in them,” says SOCAN’s Chad Richardson. “Be it writing a different style, collaborating, or their confidence as a songwriter in general."

The songwriters quickly bonded in their mutual commitment to creating the best songs they could. SOCAN was able to facilitate connections between writers and producers, some of whom have since chosen to continue to work together, and we anticipate that some lifelong connections have been formed through this experience. For example, FAANGS has booked a flight to the U.K. with her manager in November 2017 to work again with Knightstarr, and Kiki Rowe plans to join them on the trip.

Casually working on a track at the 2017 “SOCAN on the Island” Song Camp on Pender Island. Left to right: Joel Stouffer, Kate Kurdyak, Begonia. (Photo: Melissa Cameron)

"Hands down the best eight days of my life,” says FAANGS of the camp. “Living with a handful of extremely talented artists/writers/producers was life-changing… I’ve never been more inspired by a group of people in my life. Thank you, SOCAN, for a life-changing week of challenges and learning. I found a part of myself that I’ve never met before."

"In one week, not only did I make some of the best music of my life, I also made some lifelong friends,” says Joel Stouffer. “I learned so much working with all of them, and was inspired hearing everyone's work at the end of each day. Thanks again to SOCAN for having me."

"I want to thank SOCAN from the bottom of my heart for the most life-changing and transformative life of my week,” says Kevin "Kevvy" Maher. “Being around these brilliant writers, in the perfect environment for creation, was fun, educational and emotional... I've never been around such a warm and encouraging environment... I already have writing sessions booked with several people I met this week."

And it’s not only the participants who are pleased, but members of their teams as well. “Sincere thanks for including Joel Stouffer,” says his manager, Chris Topping. “I’ve listened to the tracks and there’s some incredible music there... The support SOCAN offers developing songwriters is phenomenal. It’s so appreciated, and has aided immensely.”

SOCAN was pleased and proud to once again support our members’ business in music, and encourage them in the art of creating the music itself.

Listening to a track at the 2017 “SOCAN on the Island” Song Camp on Pender Island. Left to right: Knightstarr, Sanjay Seran (of Delhi 2 Dublin). (Photo: Melissa Cameron)

The Participants were:


FOXTROTT (Marie- Hélène Delorme)
David Pimental (POMO)
Bhav Pattani (Knightstarr, U.K.)
Joel Stouffer
Wes Marskell (of Darcys)
Jason Couse (of Darcys)


Kiki Rowe
FAANGS (Charlie Storwick)
Joël Lobban
Tarun Nayar (of Delhi 2 Dublin)
Sanjay Seran (of Delhi 2 Dublin)
Begonia (Alexa Dirks)
Leah Darwent (LAYE)
Tyler Shaw
Kate Kurdyak
Kevin "Kevvy" Maher
Dan Botch (The Faceplants)