Amelia Curran to direct documentary of Erin Costelo recording next album

Amelia Curran, left, is directing a documentary about Eric Costelo, right, as she records her next album in January of 2018.
December 14, 2017

Soulful R&B singer-songwriter/producer Erin Costelo will spend 10 days in January of 2018 in rural Nova Scotia, self-producing and recording her fifth studio album, while her friend and colleague singer-songwriter Amelia Curran shoots a documentary film about the process.

Having released a combined eight albums and EPs, the JUNO Award-winning Curran will apply her insight as a recording artist to her work making the movie. She intends to capture Costelo as an artist, and her work as the producer of both the album and the film.

Costelo – who won an East Coast Music Award in 2014, and in 2017 made history by being the first woman to take home the Producer of the Year honour – has challenged herself to create the entire album in a mere 10 days

"The studio documentary… allows an audience to study the engine of the music they love – pry open the casing, and view the bones,” says Curran. “Erin Costelo is a great candidate for a studio documentary [because of] her skills as a self-produced artist… [She’s] a bandleader in the sense of Duke Ellington and his ilk. Every note from each performer is a considered move. How it tumbles through the studio environment, and is engineered and conditioned out the other side to its audience, is a rodeo of painstaking precision and delight.”

"I don't recall ever seeing a music documentary where women were at the creative helm," says Costelo. "In this case, the production chair, and the director's chair. It's time that we start to see this, to encourage more women to share their voices."

Costelo, Curran, the band, and the film crew will share the journey as it unfolds, via social media, e-mail updates to supporters, and videos. The duo initially raised $45,700 of their $71,700 total budget, and are asking for your help to finish raising the remaining $25,000 (of which they’ve already made more than $10,000). You can donate to their IndieGoGo campaign here.