Boi-1da, Kaytranada, Donovan Woods, Caveboy perform at 2017 “Canada @ The Grammys” party, co-presented by SOCAN

Kaytranada rocks the crowd at the 2017 “Canada @ The Grammys” party, co-presented by SOCAN in L.A. (All photos by Chris Fragapane.)
February 10, 2017

SOCAN members Boi-1da (a 2017 Grammy Award nominee) and Kaytranada played DJ sets that kept everyone dancing hard and late into the night, while Donovan Woods and Caveboy performed live sets for a jam-packed audience of Grammy Nominees, SOCAN Members, and key industry players at the "Canada @ The Grammys" party, co-presented by SOCAN on Feb. 9, 2017, at a secret venue in Los Angeles.

Held a few nights before the 59 th annual Grammy Awards show, the event offered an opportunity for SOCAN to build and foster its relationships with our member nominees, their professional music representatives and other key players in L.A.

Among the SOCAN member attendees were 2017 Grammy nominee Kai, as well as SOCAN members Daniel Caesar, hit songwriter-turned-film-scorer Stephan Moccio; Hedley's Jacob Hoggard; Chantal Kreviazuk; p-rofessional hit songwriter Simon Wilcox; Marc Jordan; The Tenors; Brothers Sammy and Bobby Gerongco of Kuya Productions; Hannah Georgas; YouTube sensation Daniela Andrade; Patrick Lehman; and Gianni Luminati from Walk Off the Earth. George Stromboulopoulos also attended, and Julian Lennon turned up late in the night.

Kaytranada sets up while SOCAN CEO Eric Baptiste addresses the audience at the 2017 "Canada @ The Grammys" party, co-presented by SOCAN in LA

The “Canada @ The Grammys” party was co-presented by SOCAN, Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA), The Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent on Recordings (FACTOR), The Government of Canada and the Canadian Consulate, with support from the Canadian Music Publishers Association (CMPA), the ACTRA Recording Artists Collecting Society (RACS), Air Canada, and the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC). The party was one in a year-long schedule of special events planned to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017.

Host Joey Scoleri, known to Torontonians as a Q107 on-air personality Joey Vendetta, and currently working for Live Nation in L.A. - welcomed the guests, and introduced SOCAN CEO Eric Baptiste, CIMA President Stuart Johnston and Consul General of Canada , James Villeneuve. "Canadian music is killing it!" said Baptiste, as he invited all to celebrate the extraordinary number of Canadians with Grammy nominations this year, citing Drake, The Weekend, Kai, Bob Moses, Boi-1da and more. "Besides the amazing natural talent of these nominees, there's an amazing music industry support system in Canada. This is the first time that the biggest players in the support system-have come together to jointly celebrate the success of our artists at the Grammys. "

Caveboy singer Michelle Bensimon Performs live at the 2017" Canada @ The Grammys "party, co-presented by SOCAN in LA

In addition to Baptiste, SOCAN attendees included President of the Board of Directors, Stan Meissner; Chief Operating Officer Jeff King; Chief Officer and Business Development Officer Michael McCarty; Chief Quebec Affairs Officer Genevieve Cote; Director, A & R, Rodney Murphy; and General Manager, Los Angeles Division, Chad Richardson. SOCAN was also out in full force during pre-Grammy week, to meet with our members, conduct business meetings, attend other Grammy events, and continue to build relationships with top U.S. attorneys, industry professionals and media.

"Two professional, hit songwriters and a Mountie walk into a party ..." Chantal Kreviazuk (left), a Mountie, and Simon Wilcox (right) At the 2017 "Canada @ The Grammys" party, co-presented by SOCAN in LA