Drake Hotel receives SOCAN Licensed To Play accolade at CMW 2017 Live Music Awards

Ian MacNeil, Music Programmer with Drake Hotel Properties, accepts the SOCAN Licensed To Play Award from SOCAN’s Jennifer Brown at the second edition of the annual Live Music Industry Awards during Canadian Music Week 2017. (Photo: Grant W. Martin Photography)
April 26, 2017

At the second edition of Canadian Music Week’s Live Music Industry Awards on April 19, 2017, SOCAN presented its prestigious Licensed To Play Award to the Drake Hotel, for its significant contribution to Canada's music culture, and for their longtime, faithful commitment to fair compensation for music creators and music publishers.

The Drake is a thriving cultural landmark, an important hub that brings art and live music to local communities. Since it re-opened its doors in Toronto in 2004, the Drake has proudly and repeatedly stood for fair music licensing, working with SOCAN to ensure that songwriters, composers, and their music publishers and fairly compensated when their music is played at the venue.

“The Drake clearly understands the importance that live music plays in Toronto's entertainment and cultural scene, and the Licensed To Play Award is a big Thank You from SOCAN and our nearly 150,000 songwriter, composer, and music publisher members,” said Jennifer Brown when she presented the Licensed to Play Award onstage.

Brown added, “The Drake has faithfully and diligently recognized that paying a fair and legal music license helps music creators and publishers to be rightfully paid. They’re doing the right and legal thing by ensuring that one of the best-known venues in Canada is Licensed To Play. I'm sure everyone here has discovered a new favourite artist because of a show at the Drake.”

Iain MacNeil, music programmer with the Drake Hotel, accepted the honour, and expressed great appreciation for the work that SOCAN does as we work together with his organization. “I just want to thank SOCAN for this great award. I’ve worked on both sides, the label and venues, and I know how important SOCAN is to our industry here in Canada, and artists, and venues,” he said.

The Licensed To Play Award at the Live Music Awards was started in 2016, when the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto was the first recipient. The prize represents the mutual respect between music creators and businesses, which allows both of them to continue to thrive, and celebrates SOCAN’s partnership with organizations across Canada that use music to make their business better.