eSOCAN introduces environmentally-friendly eStatements

July 10, 2014

SOCAN’s Licensing department has introduced eStatements, providing online businesses with a music license on-demand access to their financial statements and records since 2013.

On the leading edge of environmental initiatives and technology, eStatements have dramatically helped reduce the use of paper, while also ensuring that the eSocan experience remains quick and easy.

Striding forward, SOCAN is conscious of the effect that the over-use of paper has on the environment, and is continuously finding methods to reduce its carbon footprint.

“SOCAN is proud of our eStatements program. We’re continually improving the eSOCAN platform, always with two important factors in mind: our licensees’ valuable time, and the environment,” says Jennifer Brown, SOCAN’s Vice-President of Licensing.

With a rapidly growing number of registered users, eSOCAN is proving to be the smarter and greener option for licensed accounts who regularly use it to report their monthly and annual music uses. eSocan is a one-stop-solution for everything and anything related to SOCAN account management, including payments and access to the many resources and tools housed on SOCAN’s website.

“eSOCAN has quickly become the preferred method of reporting among licensed businesses,” says Brown. “So much so that, last year alone, we received almost 3,000 music licensing reports via the eSOCAN portal.”

In 2014, SOCAN expects to see a steady increase in the use of eSOCAN, as it continues to be, more than ever, the better, faster, and greener option.