Polaris Music Prize chooses SOCAN’s Geneviève Côté for Board of Directors

January 26, 2018

The Polaris Music Prize has chosen SOCAN Chief Québec Affairs Officer Geneviève Côté to serve on its Board of Directors, a committee comprising music-industry representatives across Canada who guide and support the annual initiative. Geneviève is the organization’s first-ever Québec-based board member.

On the Board, Côté will co-determine the esteemed 11-person Grand Jury, and the nearly 200-person jury, both of which engage the Canada’s best journalists, broadcasters, bloggers, and others music-industry personnel. She’ll also provide ongoing recommendations to benefit Polaris.

“Geneviève being chosen to serve on Polaris Music Prize Board is a testament to SOCAN’s leading role in the music industry, and her expertise in helping to develop the careers of many of SOCAN’s Quebec-facing members,” says SOCAN CEO Eric Baptiste.

The highly esteemed Polaris Music Prize is one of the most recognized major music industry awards, which annually honours Canadian music-makers. To sit on its Board of Directors allows us – in addition to deploying our own annual SOCAN Songwriting Prize – to do even more to recognize the extraordinary talent of our members.

SOCAN congratulates Côté, and looks forward to her contributions. She joins Polaris Board members Steve Jordan (Polaris Founder), Katherine Duncan (CBC), Lyndsay Lynch (YouTube), Jesse Kumagai (Massey Hall), Miro Oballa (Taylor Klein Oballa), Derrick Ross (Slaight Music), Jamie Schouela (Blue Ant Media), Mark Steinmetz (CBC), and Amy Terrill (Music Canada).