SOCAN’s fourth annual Kenekt Song Camp in Nicaragua creates 31 songs

(ALL Photos: Kuba Okan Photography)
May 14, 2018

At SOCAN’s fourth annual Kenekt Song Camp, held April 9-15, 2018, in Nicaragua, 18 participating songwriters and producers created 31 pop songs in five days of collaborative songwriting, several of which are already on hold for possible future placement.

Once again, SOCAN provided a unique, powerful opportunity to help our members develop their co-writing skills with each other, and with writers from other performing rights organizations. The Kenekt Song Camp also helps our publisher and songwriter members grow their business, worldwide.

The 2018 edition of Kenekt – run by SOCAN A&R Reresentative Melissa Cameron-Passley, and attended by SOCAN Director, A&R, Rodney Murphy – gathered together strong singer-songwriters and artists in their own right, like Ria Mae and Rose Cousins; professional songwriters like Nathan Ferraro and Jayli Wolf; and expert producers like Lantz and Joel Stouffer.

Savannah Ré (left) and Ralph (right) share a fun moment while co-writing together.

They gathered at Maderas Village Studios, in the remote town of Maderas, Nicaragua. The songwriters came from Los Angeles, Toronto, Halifax, and Montréal, and included clients of such publishers as Warner/Chappell Music Publishing, Sony/ATV Music Publishing Canada, Universal Music Publishing, Nettwerk Music Group, Kobalt Music Publishing, Hyvetown Music Publishing, Foreseen Entertainment, Concord Sounds / Skyfolk Songs, Goldeneye Music Publishing.

Each morning at 10:00 a.m., the participants received their group assignments – which changed daily – then spent the full day and evening writing songs in those groups. Each night at 10;00 p.m., the entire camp would gather in the studio to listen to the playback of the songs created that day. The writers quickly bonded, as they co-wrote in 12-hour workdays, in an isolated location far from home, without any of their teams on hand, and no air conditioning in the steaming hot jungle. With howler monkeys screaming all day long, too.

Ria Mae pauses for thought while working on a song.

"The song camp experience is unlike any other,” says SOCAN’s Cameron-Passley. “Watching the writers grow from day one to five, connecting them with new co-writers to create songs together in such an inspiring location, was a beautiful experience. A huge shout out to all of our publisher members, labels, managers and tastemakers who submitted their stellar writers for the opportunity. A few of the songs are already on hold for placement. Can’t wait to follow and see where they land!”

"Still on a high from what was one of the BEST WEEKS EVER," say Jayli and Hayden Wolf. "Thank you SOCAN for bringing all these beautiful and inspiring people together in the jungle. It was pure magic." "Thank you so much to SOCAN for hosting this unbelievable songwriting camp," says Lowell. "Probably one of the best times I’ve ever had, in regards to writing." "Found my soul in Nicaragua," says Frank Kadillac. "Met some incredibly talented people that all have extremely big futures ahead of them. Thank you SOCAN Music for putting this on.”

John Nathaniel runs the laptop to get a song in shape.

The participants were:

Scott Effman (ASCAP)
John Nathaniel
Joel Stouffer
Hayden Wolf

Erik Alcock
Rose Cousins
Nathan Ferraro
Frank Kadillac
Ria Mae
Maurice Moore
Savannah Ré
Jayli Wolf