SOCAN on balance

Some of our SOCAN executives.
March 8, 2018

Over the past 20 years, SOCAN has expanded and diversified its activities to respond to our members' needs and work at the speed of business, leading the global transformation of music rights. We've also diversified our staff by steadily improving our hiring practices. We still can do better, but SOCAN today is even more inclusive, equality-based, and reflective of our community and member-base than ever. Our staff, management and executive teams are better balanced than ever before.

A few facts about today's SOCAN:

  • 57 percent of our non-management employees are female.
  • 48 percent of our management team are women.
  • Seven of our 13 executives – 54 percent – are female.
  • The Executive Directors of both the SOCAN-owned Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame and SOCAN Foundation are female.
  • Approximately half of our music creator members joining in the last year, who are 21 or younger, are women.

We’ve pro-actively ensured that our hiring practices are fair and equal. Our human resources team works closely with SOCAN leaders to take an inclusive approach to attracting, securing and retaining the very best talent regardless of gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

Using data from the last few years, nearly 50% of new, young members are women, and this reflects the changing Canadian music industry overall. SOCAN is working to encourage more female music creators to become members so that we can work with them to build their careers and make sure that they're paid for the music that they've made, and own. We’re also actively encouraging women who meet the criteria to put their names forward for nomination in the current election for the SOCAN Board of Directors.

We strive to be an ever more inclusive and fair company, one that will always ensure that our commitment to equality and equitability is at the heart of the organization.