SOCAN-CMRRA-SODRAC alliance discussions conclude

December 19, 2013

Following a vote by the board of directors of the Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency Ltd. (CMRRA) on December 13, 2013, it was decided that the proposed alliance with SOCAN, CMRRA and the Society for Reproduction Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers in Canada (SODRAC) would be concluded.

While SOCAN was disappointed with the decision, the organization was pleased to have worked in good faith to try to come to an agreement.

"We at SOCAN have always believed that a simplified system of licensing for music rights in Canada makes sense and we had high hopes for the efficiencies of an alliance model," said SOCAN President Stan Meissner.  "While I have great respect for our colleagues at CMRRA and SODRAC, I am disappointed that a mutual agreement between the parties could not be achieved. Regardless, we feel that SOCAN is well positioned to embrace future opportunities."

While SOCAN could not establish a workable solution with CMRRA at this point in time, SOCAN was and remains committed to the implementation of the alliance based on the sound principles defined and generally approved by the three boards of directors in late 2012, after careful analysis and research.

"SOCAN was and remains of the opinion that the integrated operational alliance model that was discussed for over two years was a workable scenario," said Eric Baptiste, SOCAN CEO. "Despite the complexities of any model involving three corporate entities, we eagerly embraced the proposed alliance because we saw it as having great direct value for the rights-holders and a real, if more indirect one, for SOCAN."

Eric Baptiste added that considering and trying bold new collaborative initiatives will continue at SOCAN, and SOCAN will continue to work closely with CMRRA, SODRAC and other Canadian organizations that look after the interests of songwriters, composers and publishers.