SOCAN co-sponsors 2016 Merge Songwriting Camp in Toronto

Emerging SOCAN member songwriter Jessie Reyez during a writing session at the 2016 Merge Song Camp.
October 14, 2016

All photos by Stephan Ordonez (@Tdotcam)

SOCAN was proud to co-sponsor the 2016 annual Merge Songwriting Camp in Toronto to showcase the hottest Canadian songwriters and producers, and connect them with their equally successful international colleagues from around the world.

The song camp allowed SOCAN member songwriters to collaborate with their worldwide counterparts in a week of writing sessions. The invite-only sessions were held Oct. 3-8, 2016, at Revolution Recording. Each day the co-writers were assembled into small groups to write songs together.

SOCAN members enjoying the playback. Left to right: Matthew Burnett, DZL, Jed Webster of New City, Alx Veliz,
Nathan Brown of New City, Michael Sonier.

SOCAN member writers and producers attending the camp were xSDTRK, Matthew Burnett, Riley Bell, Jessie Reyez, Alx Veliz, Mike Wise, DZL, Colin Munroe, and the band New City (Adrian Mitchell, Jed Webster and Nathan Brown). Other participants were songwriters Roscoe Dash, JT Roach, Verse Simmonds, Steph Jones, Whiskey Water, Yash, and Natasha Bedingfield, as well as producers S1, Big Taste, CJ Baran, The Arcade, and Blaq Tuxedo.

Songwriter Steph Jones rocking a Merge ballcap.

“What makes Merge special is that we bring some of the world’s best writers, and give them the freedom to create great art without restricting them to a project, direction or business goal,” says Merge organizer Lex Borrero. “Instead we create an environment that allows them to remember why they fell in love with music.”