SOCAN co-sponsors Jenson Vaughan’s Canada 150 Song Camp in Toronto

The whole co-creating team at Jenson Vaughan’s 2017 Canada Day Song Camp. Left to right: Yash Gruzman, Aaron Fontwell, Sean Fischer, Laurell Barker, Lantz, Andy Bullimore, Sarah Raba, Craig Smart, Donny Anderson, Jayson DeZuzio, Jazz Singh, Vaughan himself, Geoff Warburton, Tim North, Alex ‘Pilz’ Vujic, and JRDN. Not in photo: Valentijn Hoogwerf, Karl Wolf, Yannis Constantinou. (Photo: Jenson Vaughan)
July 6, 2017

SOCAN was pleased to co-sponsor SOCAN member Jenson Vaughn's Canada 150 Song Camp, held June 25-30, 2017, in Toronto’s Liberty Village neighbourhood.

Laurell Barker doing a vocal take at the Canada 150 Song Camp. (Photo: Jazz Singh)

Co-sponsored by SOCAN and curated by Vaughan, the camp re-united several of the co-writers that he’d encountered – and bonded with – at the SOCAN Kenekt 2017 Song Camp in Nicaragua earlier this year: Laurell Barker, Jayson DeZuzio, Aaron Fontwell, and Lantz. The familiarity created a warm, familial vibe over the course of the week.

JRDN at the Canada 150 Song Camp. (Photo: Melissa Cameron)

Other participants in the Canada 150 camp, in the week leading up to Canada Day, were (in alphabetical order) Donny Anderson, Andy Bullimore, Yannis Constantinou, Sean Fischer, Yash Gruzman, Valentijn Hoogwerf, JRDN, Tim North, Sarah Raba, Jazz Singh, Craig Smartk, Alex ‘Pilz’ Vujic, Geoff Warburton and Karl Wolf.