SOCAN Foundation announces 24 Young Composers, Young Audio Visual Composers Award winners

Left to right : Dylann Miller, Guillaume Campion, Antoine Binette Mercier, Olivier Bibeau, Katerina Gimon, William Kraushaar, Lora Bidner, Taylor Brook, Gabriel Dufour Laperrière, Spencer Creaghan, Benjamin Goldman, Maxime Fillion, Joseph Glaser.
August 24, 2016

The SOCAN Foundation has announced the 24 winners of the 2016 SOCAN Foundation Awards for Young Composers and Young Audio Visual Composers.

This year’s competition attracted 224 entries, awarding a total of $51,000 to the prize winners. The jury awarded the grand prize to Canadian, New York-based Taylor Brook for his inspiring piece “Song for Solo Cello.”

“Congratulations to all of this year’s winners for composing music that made enough of an impression on the juries to be chosen as a winner,” said Charlie Andrews, Manager of the SOCAN Foundation. “There are a tremendous amount of talented young Canadian composers and we’re thrilled to be able to help and recognize some of them, so they can continue to create the beautiful music that touches us all.”

The Annual SOCAN Foundation Awards for Young Composers recognize Canadian composers 30 years of age and under for specific musical works in five categories of concert music. The submissions were judged anonymously by a jury of three prominent composers: Dr. Robert Lemay (Sudbury, ON), Jocelyn Morlock (Vancouver, British Columbia), and Afarin Mansouri Tehrani (Toronto, ON).

"Overall the composers demonstrated a great deal of skill, wide-ranging imagination, and that there was a remarkable (and admirable) diversity of styles and influences in their music," said Morlock.

The Young Audio Visual competition is designed to recognize Canadian composers who are 30 years of age and under, for original musical themes or scores created exclusively for audio-visual support (TV, film, Internet, etc.). The jury for this category was comprised of industry professionals Darren Fung (Los Angeles, California), Judith Gruber-Stitzer (Montreal, QC), and Stephanie Copland (Toronto, ON).

"The level of musicianship and professionalism displayed in this year’s AV composer candidates was impressive.  It gives me great hope that that craft of screen composing is alive and well,” said Fung.

Young Composer Award Recipients:

The Sir Ernest MacMillan Awards (for compositions for no fewer than 13 performers up to full symphony orchestra, which may include vocal participation and may be scored to include electroacoustics)

1st – Hoi Chak Roydon Tse (Toronto, ON) – Genesis 2015
2nd – Matthew Ricketts (New York, USA) Song Cycle
3rd – Joseph Glaser (Montréal, QC) Ecstasis

The Serge Garant Awards (for compositions for a minimum of three performers to a maximum of 12 performers, with or without voice and/or electroacoustics).

1st – Taylor Brook (New York, USA) Amalgam
2nd – David Storen (North Vancouver, BC) Mångata
3rd – Carmen Vanderveken (Nijmegen, Netherlands) Amusette pour vents

The Pierre Mercure Awards (for solo or duet compositions, with or without voices and/or electroacoustics)

1st – Taylor Brook (New York, USA) Song for Solo Cello
2nd – Gabriel Dufour-Laperriere (Montréal, QC) Clinamen II
3rd – Hoi Chak Roydon Tse (Toronto, ON) Meditation

The Hugh Le Caine Awards (for live or recorded electroacoustics, where the intended performance is, at least in part, through loudspeakers. Works in this category may be multi-media and may include acoustic instrument(s) or voice(s), live or recorded. The principal element in the work must be electroacoustic)

1st – Guillaume Campion (Montréal, QC) Littorale
2nd – Maxime Fillion, (Montréal, QC) Tout un chacun
3rd – Matthew Horrigan (Vancouver, BC) In the Minimal Senses

The Godfrey Ridout Awards (for works of any number of voices with or without instrumentation and/or electroacoustics)

1st – Katerina Gimon (Vancouver, BC) Elements
2nd – Matthew Horrigan (Vancouver, BC) Kyrie
3rd – Dylann Miller (Aurora, ON) Remember

The John Weinzweig Grand Prize (for best overall work submitted; applicants do not apply for this award)

Taylor Brook (New York, USA) Song for Solo Cello

Young Audio Visual Composer Aard Recipients:

Best Original Score – Non-Fiction
1st – Antoine Binette Mercier (Montréal, QC) Theater Of Life
2nd – William Kraushaar (Montréal QC) –  Un Monde Inaperçu
3rd – Olivier Bibeau (Quebec, QC) L'Illusion

Best Original Score – Fiction
1st – Arie Verheul van de Ven (Toronto, ON) High Scores Hang
2nd – Isaias Garcia (Toronto, ON) The Moment I Was Alone dir. Kellen Gibbs
3rd (tie) – Vincent L. Pratte (Los Angeles, USA) Eleanora: The Forgotten Princess
3rd (tie) – Shaun Chasin (Toronto, ON) Paranormal Radio

Best Original Theme (opening or closing)
1st – Emily Klassen (Toronto, ON) Vectors
2nd – Spencer Creaghan (London, ON) Tenants
3rd – Vincent L. Pratte (Los Angeles, USA) Welcome to Willowsbrook

Best Original Score – Animated
1st – Lora Bidner (Toronto, ON) Missing
2nd – Benjamin Goldman (Montréal, QC) The Suitcase
3rd – Toby Sherriff (Los Angeles, USA) Parkability