SOCAN Foundation Awards celebrate young audio-visual composers

Front row, left to right: Mario Chénart, SOCAN Foundation board member, Devin Ashton-Beaucage, Guillaume St-Laurent, SOCAN Foundation's Francine Ménard, Simon Charrier and Ghyslain Barbeau. Back row: Merlin Bertrand-Hamel, Gabriel Dharmoo, Jean-François Denis, SOCAN Foundation president, Eduardo Noya Schreus and Marc Ouellette, SOCAN Foundation board member.
July 17, 2012

The SOCAN Foundation has announced 13 recipients of the 2nd annual SOCAN Foundation Awards for Young Audio-visual Composers. The competition attracted 43 entries, awarding a total $21,000 in prizes in four categories of music: Best Original Musical Theme; Best Original Score: Fiction; Best Original Score: Animated and Best Original Score: Non-Fiction. Eight of the 13 prizewinners are Quebec-based.  The annual SOCAN Foundation Awards for Young Audio-visual Composers recognize Canadian composers 30 years of age and under for specific musical works in audio-visual music.

The jury comprising three prominent, award-winning Canadian composers of film and television music – John Welsman of Toronto, Frédéric Weber of Montreal and Terry Frewer of Vancouver – judged the entries anonymously last month in Toronto.  

Heading the winners’ list is Montreal’s Guillaume St-Laurent, who was awarded the first prize in the category of Best Original Score: Animated for his work on the film Doctor X (directed by Maxime Garneau), as well as the third prize in the Non-Fiction category for Jeanne Mance (directed by Annabel Loyola).

First prizes in the remaining three categories were awarded to Simon Charrier (Best Original Musical Theme) for his work on the film Patte douce directed by Georges-Édouard Duquette; Iman Habibi (Best Original Score: Fiction) for his work on the film Lost and Found directed by Elad Tzadok and Gabriel Dharmoo (Best Original Score: Non-Fiction) for his work in the film Durga directed by Paramita Nath.

Additional Award recipients include: Rob Teehan and Maxime Ethier (shared second prize) and Ryan Faas (third prize) for the Best Original Musical Theme; Devin Ashton-Beaucage (second prize) and Tosia Scarfe (third prize) for the Best Original Score: Fiction; Merlin Bertrand-Hamel and Ghyslain Barbeau (shared second prize) and Eduardo Noya Schreus (third prize) for Best Original Score: Animated and Hunter Pearson (second prize) for Best Original Score: Non-Fiction.

For a complete list of award recipients, and short bios of each, visit the SOCAN Foundation website.