SOCAN holds third annual meeting with #ComposersWhoScore

At the 2017 SOCAN annual meeting with #ComposersWhoScore. Left to right: Alan Maynes, SOCAN's Director, Distribution Operations; Glenn Morley of the SCGC, also a member of SOCAN’s Board of Directors; and screen composer Ryner Stoetzer. (Photo: Brad Ardley)
October 19, 2017

SOCAN met with nine #ComposersWhoScore and representatives of the Screen Composers Guild of Canada (SCGC) on Oct. 11, 2017 – simultaneously, via videoconference, in our Toronto and Vancouver office boardrooms – for our third annual meeting to strengthen the relationship between SOCAN and our film and television composer community.

After a greeting from Eric Baptiste welcoming the screen composers’ feedback, Anthony Gentili, SOCAN's Director of International Relations, explained how SOCAN pro-actively chases down royalties throughout the world on behalf of our film and TV composers. He said that SOCAN’s in-person visits with international performing rights organizations (PROs) help to improve screen composers’ revenue stream, and that we’re starting to see some gains worldwide in revenue for Netflix performances.

Connor Chapman, SOCAN International Account Manager, talked about how we mine PRO unidentified (UNI) works lists to claim incremental international royalties. Alan Maynes, SOCAN's Director, Distribution Operations, and Terry Keating, Manager, Audio-Visual & Foreign Royalties, discussed how we pursue YouTube claims. Steve Reilly, manager, Member Operations, said that SOCAN is moving into application program interfaces (APIs) to simplify and improve reporting.

At the 2017 SOCAN annual meeting with #ComposersWhoScore. Left to right: Tonya Dedrick of the SCGC, SOCAN’s Gary Laranja. (Photo: Brad Ardley)

Attending screen composers and SCGC representatives in Toronto were Mary Aziz-Stoetzer, Ryner Stoetzer, Glenn Morley (also a SOCAN board member), Tonya Dedrick (SCGC), Adrian Ellis, and Liza Lakhoian; and in Vancouver, Ed Henderson (also a SOCAN board member), John Sereda and Steffan Andrews.

Attending for SOCAN were, in Toronto, Anthony Gentili, Connor Chapman, Alan Maynes, Terry Keating, James Leacock, Steve Reilly, Paul Stillo (who chaired the meeting), Daryl Hamilton (who took the minutes), and Gary Laranja; and in Vancouver, Sara Pavilionis.