SOCAN hosts reception after Séan McCann keynote at 2016 Folk Music Ontario conference

Séan McCann sings a song during his keynote address at the 2016 Folk Music Ontario conference. (Photo: Mike Bourgeault)
October 25, 2016

SOCAN presented the reception following the keynote address at the 30th annual Folk Music Ontario conference on Oct. 22, 2016, at the Delta City Centre Hotel in Ottawa, as former Great Big Sea member Séan McCann spoke on ‘Music as Medicine.”

SOCAN Director, A&R, Rodney Murphy, thanked McCann and welcomed guests to the SOCAN reception after the keynote address – during which McCann told the moving, heart-rending story of how music helped him to recover from teenage sexual abuse and a lengthy, ensuing alcohol addiction. In excellent voice, McCann illustrated his account by playing several of the songs he wrote in recovery: “Walk Right Through This Fire,” “Hold Me Mother,” and the extremely powerful “Stronger.” “Music is meant to connect, to heal, and to bring kindness,” he said. “Songs are important; they can change your life.”

The conference also included several panels that presented valuable information and advice for our SOCAN members. At one panel on Oct. 21 at the Delta hotel, “Publishing: The Gift that can Keep on Giving” – attended by Murphy and SOCAN A&R Co-Ordinator Andreas Rizek – SOCAN member and pop singer-songwriter Jeremy Fisher discussed the nature of publishing deals, writing songs to order “on spec” for television, and the importance of generating and nurturing relationships with people in the music industry who might prove helpful for one’s career – which is why socializing at a conference can be as important as showcasing.

Immediately following that, in the same meeting room, SOCAN member and folk/roots singer-songwriter Jory Nash offered an excellent presentation, “Collective Rights, Royalties and You,” that outlined how to get royalty money – especially money that’s owed but has not been paid out yet, and is just waiting to be claimed – from SOCAN, the CMRRA, Re:Sound, and Sound Exchange.