SOCAN makes royalty analysis dashboard available to its members

May 17, 2016

Through its introduction of leading-edge proprietary software Royalty Guru, SOCAN is enabling its members to use high-quality, flexible analytics tools to assess and monitor their royalties.

Designed specifically for songwriters, composers and music publishers, Royalty Guru's analytics capabilities allow SOCAN’s more than 135,000 members to visualize their data in a variety of easy-to-use ways to help them manage their business and career in music.

SOCAN is the first major performing rights organization in North America to offer such a royalty-analysis business intelligence tool to its members.

SOCAN’s exclusive Royalty Guru services run on any web browser and enable SOCAN members to better understand the trends in royalties earned when their music is played live, on radio, on television and streamed on the Internet. The service will be accessible in English and French through the members’ portal at

The tool simplifies complicated royalty analysis, doing in seconds what otherwise would take hours, days or even weeks to determine using complicated spreadsheets.

“Data and effective data analysis are, more than ever, keys to success in the digital music economy,” said Michael McCarty, Chief Membership & Business Development Officer at SOCAN. “Royalty Guru is the latest career and business advantage that SOCAN brings to its members, as SOCAN continues to broaden our role as the world’s leading and most transparent music rights organization.”

The web-based tool is now available free to SOCAN members, and SOCAN will continue to maintain and develop the application going forward, enhancing with our members needs in mind.