SOCAN member Faouzia wins both Grand Prize and Teen category in 2017 Unsigned Only song competition

September 11, 2017

SOCAN member Faouzia has won the overall Grand Prize in the 2017 Unsigned Only competition, and was also the first-place winner in the Teen category, both for her song "Knock on my Door."

Faouzia, with Matt Epp, also co-wrote and was featured in the winning song of the 2016 International Songwriting Competition, “The Sound”– which has also just won twice the 2017 Unsigned Only contest, for Epp: First place in the Triple Play: Get Published with Your Songs (Special Promotion) category, and second place in the Adult Contemporary field. Faouzia and Epp each received an honourable mention in another category, and in 2016 they both received a SOCAN No. 1 Song Award for “The Sound.”

Said Unsigned Only in a media release, "Faouzia's extreme vocal range and tone, coupled with songwriting that is mature, commanding, and inventive, is positioning her as a pop powerhouse. "At only 17 years old, she'd one of the most stunning vocalists and artists that we've come across in a long time."

Other first-place winners are Jordan St. Cyr, of Niverville, MB, who won in the Christian designation for "In My Lifetime"; frequent contest winners Big Little Lions, from Royston, BC, who took the top prize in the Screenshot category, for "In the Quieter Times," as well as two other honourable mentions; and Benjamin Dakota Rogers, of Brantford, ON, who carried the day in the Triple Play: Get Exposed Online (Special Promotion) field, for "The Solder Song," and earned an honourable mention as well.

Second-place winners are Dale Boyle, of Montréal, QC, who won the Americana honour for "Gasoline," and The Small Glories, of Winnipeg, MB, who garnered the Win Some Love Second Place (Special Promotion) win for "No Friend of Mine," and also earned an honourable mention.

In addition to these winners, 18 other Canadian artists have been awarded an Honorable Mention in their respective categories.

SOCAN congratulates these members on their achievements. For a complete list of winners and to hear the winning songs, click here.