SOCAN members! Show your support for new EU copyright rules

July 3, 2018
The European Parliament is due to vote THIS WEEK on the most important legislation affecting authors and songwriters in the last 20 years. 
The draft “Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market” will bring fair remuneration for creators when their works are used by major digital platforms, especially services like YouTube, which currently pay next to nothing to rights owners.
The rights that millions of creators, from all over the world, enjoy in Europe will be strengthened if the current draft of the Directive is adopted. The new Directive will also set a very important precedent for other countries to follow.
But the fight is still far from over. Tech companies and anti-copyright bodies are fighting tooth and nail to unravel the Directive. Powerful lobbies are leading a campaign of misinformation to weaken authors’ rights, portraying creator’s royalties as censorship and a threat to freedom of expression. 
We are reaching the finishing line on this important legislation and it is crucial that creators all over the world make their voices heard now.
Support the and join the more than 40,000 creators who are calling for action and on their elected officials to vote for fairness for creators.