SOCAN partners with Core Rights, Re:Sound, to build new Canadian digital licensing marketplace/platform

October 18, 2016

Getting our members paid for performances of their music is everything to SOCAN, and achieving that essential objective means constantly improving the ease, efficiency and ubiquity of general music licensing.

So SOCAN has partnered with Core Rights and Re:Sound to build a Canadian, country-wide digital marketplace for licensing music rights.

Core Rights is a technology startup. The company is creating an integrated direct licensing electronic marketplace where businesses that play music; companies that supply music; and songwriters, composers and publishers that create, and hold the rights to, music converge to create the greatest value for all.

This intelligent, blockchain-enabled solution is simple to use, and a highly efficient one-stop shop for businesses using music in a general way, such as restaurants, hairdressers, dentists’ offices, retail stores, and so on.

"SOCAN continually innovates to make music licensing easier and more accurate, so that music creators can be compensated fairly and faster for the use of their work,” said SOCAN CEO Eric Baptiste. “With Core Rights we look forward to building the future of licensing, connecting more people with music, as we strive to transform music rights in Canada and worldwide."

“Re:Sound is excited to engage with SOCAN and Core Rights to build a digital marketplace that will simplify and enhance the licensing experience for all types of music users, while providing a greater understanding of the value that music provides,” said Re:Sound President Ian MacKay. “Innovative projects such as this will make music licensing more efficient, accurate, and help to ensure rights holders get fair compensation for the use of their work.”

“We are so excited to be creating a truly electronic marketplace for music licensing, along with music industry powerhouses SOCAN and Re:Sound,” said Core Rights LLC CEO and Founder Jim King. “Working together we will deliver to the Canadian music industry both a more efficient one-stop digital marketplace for music licensing and, using our analytics and lead generation services, provide much greater penetration into the Canadian business environment. Our vision is to empower business owners to easily obtain the necessary general licenses for music usage in their establishments while returning the greatest value to music rights holders – songwriters, publishers, artists, and labels.”

SOCAN’s work with a start-up like Core Rights is just the latest in our relentless pursuit of leading the transformation of global music rights. Stay tuned for more announcements as they're completed.