Songwriters inspired at SOCAN Song House during BreakOut West 2017

Participants in the SOCAN Song House at BreakOut West 2017. Left to right: Jude Connors, Terez Goulet, Cynthia Hamar, Carol-Lynne Quinn, Nick Faye, Kristy Torrieri, camp leader Ralph Murphy, Kristy Feniak, Eric Doucet, Rebecca Lappa, SOCAN’s Melissa Cameron, Josh Sahunta, Claire Ness, Lindon Carter, and Kayla Luky.
September 15, 2017

For two days at the 2017 BreakOut West festival and conference in Edmonton, the SOCAN Song House provided 13 member participants the opportunity to develop the craft of writing songs. The session was led by legendary songwriter Ralph Murphy, and organized on-site by SOCAN A&R Administrator Melissa Cameron.

The participating songwriters, from Western Canada, were Jude Connors, Terez Goulet, Cynthia Hamar, Carol-Lynne Quinn, Nick Faye, Kristy Torrieri (a.k.a. Letters from Pluto), Kristy Feniak, Eric Doucet (of Carter & the Capitals), Rebecca Lappa, Josh Sahunta, Claire Ness, Lindon Carter (of Carter & the Capitals), and Kayla Luky

Day One started with Murphy presenting “Murphy’s Law of Songwriting.” Each of the writers performed a song-in-progress for a detailed critique, then went off to apply the lessons taught in the presentation. Day Two started with a review of each participant’s re-worked song, to demonstrate the improvements, while the rest of the day was spent on a co-writing exercise where each assigned group of three wrote a brand new song.

This session was a collaborative affair, with songwriters learning from the established mentor, as well as their peers. The members of this temporary songwriting community inspired each other and learned valuable “tricks of the trade” that can be applied to their own songs, and shared in future co-writing sessions with others.

"The SOCAN Song House at BreakOut West was an excellent opportunity to connect and collaborate with a really strong group of Western Canadian Songwriters," said Jude Connors. "Getting guidance and wisdom from a songwriting legend like Ralph Murphy only pushed and expanded my mind as a writer, and a business person."