Sony Music deal with Dubset is first to monetize DJ sets, mixes, remixes

August 31, 2017

Sony Music Entertainment has become the first major record label to allow its music to be monetized through unofficial DJ sets, mixes and remixes, thanks to a deal with startup rights clearance company Dubset.

Dubset's MixBANK technology helps to identify the labels and rights holders of samples in song recordings. Sony’s master recordings will be indexed this way, and rights holders will be compensated – even if only a snippet of their song is used in a mix. The platform will identify, manage, and monetize the full Sony catalog across DJ sets, mixes and remixes distributed to both Apple and Spotify (with more to be announced soon).

The deal offers a robust solution that protects artists, provides tools to harness new revenues, and amplifies the popularity of the original master recordings. Dubset is reportedly at work to secure deals with the other two major labels, Warner Music and Universal Music.