Video: How Alx Veliz, Medylandia co-wrote one of the biggest dance hits of 2016

Co-writers of the global smash hit song “Dancing Kizomba” Alx Veliz (left, who performed the song) and MedyLandia (right) backstage at The 2017 SOCAN Awards in Toronto.
July 19, 2017

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In a video interview captured backstage at the 2017 SOCAN Awards, SOCAN members Alx Veliz and MedyLandia, who co-wrote “Dancing Kizomba” – the winner of a 2017 SOCAN Dance Music Award – discuss how Veliz wrote part of the melody for the winning song while stuck in traffic on the 401; how they originally wrote it for another artist, but decided to keep it; how MedyLandia originally got into Angoloan kizomba music on the club dancefloors of Montréal; and what'’s next for Veliz in his world of cross-cultural fusion.