Video Interview: Songwriter of the Year and Popular Music Award winner John Nathaniel

John Nathaniel receives the prestigious Songwriter of the Year Award during the 28th SOCAN Gala, on Oct. 16, 2017, at Montréal’s La TOHU. (Photo: Benoit Rousseau)
October 24, 2017

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Prolific SOCAN member John Nathaniel has written hit after hit for a few years now, earning him the Songwriter of the Year award at the 28th edition of the Montréal SOCAN Awards Gala, held Oct. 16, 2017, at La TOHU.

The studio dweller is renowned for his remarkable capacity to seamlessly combine acoustic writing and modern composition. Radio has gobbled up his productions, especially over the past year: “C’est la vie” (Final State), “Pas plus que ça” and “J’y pense encore” (Gabrielle Goulet), “Trop pour moi” (Andie Duquette), and Alexe Gaudreault’s two hit singles, “Placebo” and “Éclat.” The latter, which he co-wrote with Mariane Cossette-Bacon and Alexe Gaudreault, published by John Nathaniel Productions and Éditions Musicor, also won a Popular Music Award during the gala. (In the photo above, left to right, it's John Nathaniel, Mariane Cossette-Bacon, Alexe Gaudreault, and Anne Vivien, representing Éditions Musicor.)

SOCAN was on the red carpet to capture his reactions, as well as those of Mariane Cossette-Bacon and Alexe Gaudreault.