SOCAN connects more than four-million music creators worldwide and more than a quarter-million businesses and individuals in Canada. Nearly 150,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers are its direct members, and more than 130,000 organizations are Licensed To Play music across Canada. With a concerted use of progressive technology and a commitment to lead the global transformation of music rights, with wholly-owned subsidiaries Audiam and MediaNet, SOCAN is dedicated to upholding the fundamental truths that music has value and music creators and publishers deserve fair compensation for their work.


SOCAN's activities are prepared and executed within the framework of a five-year Strategic Plan, the current one adopted by the Board of Directors in 2016. 

SOCAN annually evaluates its Strategic Plan to determine the changes that are required. The process is based on an internal and external assessment. Following last year's review, which identified our will to be bold and act more quickly, SOCAN's board and management proactively pursued innovative approaches to improving and expanding our core competencies by committing to improve operations and investigating new initiatives. SOCAN's board and management worked to balance the need to be swift with careful examination of new ideas to ensure that due diligence for any new venture was effectively exercised.

Recognizing the changing environment, our strategic assessment explored several significant opportunities, focusing in on key areas. Among them, SOCAN acquired New York-based Audiam to facilitate greater monetization of YouTube, perhaps the largest new media distribution channel, and one that represents a substantial financial revenue stream for SOCAN and our members. Additionally, Audiam provides services as a reproduction rights agency, and this brings a new dimension to SOCAN’s offerings.

SOCAN also acquired Seattle-based MediaNet in 2016. The addition of this pioneer business-to-business music technology provider offers 360-degree music rights administration to SOCAN members, enabling us to identify digital performances from around the world in real-time, with access to granular performance data to make better decisions, identify trends and increase revenue for members.

In all, SOCAN's strategic approach continues to take great efforts to ensure the future sustainability of SOCAN and the world of music rights organizations for the benefit of our membership.


Our business vision is captured in a statement that articulates a realistic, credible and straightforward goal:

To lead the global transformation of music rights.

The new vision is supported by our primary business mandate: to ensure that our members are compensated fairly for the use of their work. SOCAN will take music rights to the next level through both incremental and breakthrough improvements attained with an innovative and proactive mindset. This is about organizational change and improvements to our culture. We must set new standards for other performing rights organizations, and explore new business opportunities and activities.

Business Purpose

SOCAN's business purpose is a framework for organizing and communicating the basic identity and intention of our organization: SOCAN serves and champions the needs of music creators and publishers. We advocate and protect their rights, license access to the world's music, and collect and distribute royalties in Canada and around the world.

SOCAN is an enabler for licensees to earn more money as they rely on music to enhance their businesses; for members to write and perform music, and build their careers; and for employees to achieve their career objectives. We have a global reach through our partner MROs in more than 80 countries.

While no business purpose change was required, we recognized the importance of SOCAN business diversification through an emphasis on the Expand Role strategic objective. Therefore, changes to the business purpose may be required in the future, to reflect the expansion of SOCAN's role beyond the current focus on performing rights.

Strategic Objectives

SOCAN's strategic objectives are the high-level guiding principles that work together to help move our organization toward attaining our vision. Our strategic objectives link high-level guiding principles to operational action.  As SOCAN moves to be globally competitive we will work to achieve the following strategic objectives. Each of these objectives are meant to bring us new revenue, repertoire and technical capability while providing the efficiency, accuracy and transparency the new ecosystem demands.

Expansion of Rights

SOCAN continues to be on the lookout for companies that bring value to our songwriters, composers and music publishers, and we'll keep you posted as we continue to grow. As we identify mutually beneficial opportunities with partners in the music industry, we're quickly becoming the worldwide source for music rights.

Expansion of Territory

In some regions, we want to license directly to compete with various Licensing Hubs, and in other regions, we want to provide back-office support. By expanding our efforts, SOCAN steps even further ahead with our vision to lead the global transformation of music rights, expanding our ability to ensure that music creators and publishers are properly and fairly compensated.

Expansion of Business Lines

SOCAN has strong data management and we're investing in developing technologies to strengthen our capabilities, offering our partners access to our core services such as data matching, distribution, licensing, and payment processing. By providing these services, we continue to invest in the technology that'll improve our systems and processes, so that SOCAN members can continue to be compensated fairly and accurately for their extraordinary talent.

Service Relevance: the provision of effective and efficient services

Succeeding in the first three strategic objectives will allow us to continue to provide our members with low-cost services. That means, in everything we do for our members, we must ensure we're consistently accurate, transparent, and effective in the way we run our business.

Operational innovation

SOCAN has made major strides to find efficiencies. To remain competitive, we continue to look for innovative solutions that serve our members and, of course, our employees -- who work tirelessly to ensure that our business is operating smoothly. This includes being ahead of the curve by adopting new technologies and business offerings. To make sure that SOCAN thrives and remains globally competitive, we'll continue to evolve in advancing the music rights ecosystem, focusing on remaining innovative, competitive, and visionary.

Previous business objectives remain relevant, and are now part of the “SOCAN DNA.” They include: improve member recruitment and retention; optimize/improve value for money; strengthen reputation with Industry Stakeholders; improve visibility of copyright advocacy; and transform corporate culture.




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