Nashville Benefits

Nashville House

SOCAN is pleased to provide access to free accommodations in Nashville, exclusively for SOCAN members who are visiting the city to further their songwriting career/craft. Nashville House is a private home that has made two rooms available to our visiting members. If you want to book a stay at Nashville House but aren't a member yet, it's easy to become one. To find out more about Nashville House and how to book a room, please select from the links below.

Other Accommodations

If Nashville House is booked during the time that you wish to visit, there are several inexpensive alternative room-for-rent opportunities, as well as a wide range of hotels to choose from.

SOCAN’s Annual Nashville Member Reception

SOCAN hosts an annual reception for our members who live in Nashville, and for any members who may be visiting Nashville at the time. Many key music industry representatives in the Nashville music scene attend each year, so our members get the opportunity to network with them, as well as with one another. Annual attendance at the reception has reached well over 100 people, and the next one is scheduled for the fall of 2010.

SOCAN's Nashville Representative: Eddie Schwartz

If you're a SOCAN member who's living in Nashville, moving there, or just visiting to play a showcase or work on some co-writes, feel free to contact veteran professional songwriter Eddie Schwartz, our man in "Music City, USA." You can reach Eddie here.

Other Useful Information

Where to play, where to dine, who to meet, what to see and do during your visit to "Music City, USA."