Missing SOCAN Members

Some of our members have moved without advising SOCAN of their change of address. We need to contact them regarding outstanding royalties. If this applies to you, or if you know the whereabouts of any of these songwriters or publishers, please contact us, or ask them to contact us, at members@socan.ca or via the SOCAN Info Centre at 1-866-307-6226.

Bennett Jonah Hadley
Black Emmett Daniel
Botnen Sandra
Cacioppo Luciano
Caley James
Campbell Walter Choker
Campbell William Ross
Clark James Michael
Dorange Paul
Down Jeremy Whitley
Earle Oran Hasan
Fox Rick Hamilton
Fraser Kathryn Elizabeth
Gommerman Robert Bradley
Harvey Marlowe Kimball
Hébert John Jay
Holland Caroline Sophia
Ing Robert Bruce
Ingalls Laurie Hugh
Jackson Gary Raymond
Jacobs Romeo Antonio
Jenkins Rebecca Claire
Jones Daphne Caryl Anne
Kendall William
Kit Paul John
Komis Andrew James
Labrosse Charles
Landry Matthew Vernon
Lefèbvre Michel Majella
Lemieux Jean François
Lyonnais Pascal
Mackenzie Ryan
Marlatt Gary Floyd
McCauley Harley Micheal
McKenzie Paul Kevin
Montgomery Charles Kenith
Morissette Wade Imre
Murray Patricia Lynn
Nelson David James
Ochoa Leyva Mariano
Paquin Jean Pierre
Pedersen Wesley Peter
Peysson Claude
Poteryko Gary Theodore
Prohom Christian Gerard
Renaud Jean Guy
Roberge Marc
Robertson Effie Adelaide
Skye Christopher
Slaughter Roderick Kendel
Smith Stephen Richard (Canada)
Stevenson Richard Peter
Sullivan Stefan Harold
Thériault Jocelyn
Toth James Michael
Webber Michael Glen
Wells Danny Guy
Whittal Jaclyn
Wilson Robert G. R.
Young Victor
100 Percent Music II (Canada)
BTV Business Television
Creemore Music
Heartaches Music
Image In Media Inc.
Jiloral Music
Kamares Publishing
Lightship Group Music Publishing Co.
Lucky Penny Mus Publishing
Madi International Enrgegistré Les Éditions
Magian Éditions
Marlow Pictures Inc.
Meander Music
Newrock Fondation
Pascal Blais Productions Inc.
Pelgian Les Éditions
Plume De Ma Tante Inc. Les Productions La
Pocket Music
Puppet People Publishers
Riverson Music Reg’d.
Tamanoir Inc. Les Éditions du
Tiberius Music Corporation
Trans Canada Music Co. Ltd.
Troika Publishing
West Music
Westcom Music Corporation North
Wildkoast Entertainment Intl. Inc.