Prix de la chanson SOCAN 2017: Klô Pelgag, Karl Gagnon receive their prizes

Klô Pelgag (left) and Karl Gagnon (centre) receive their $10,000 cash prize from SOCAN Chief of Québec Affairs Geneviève Côté (right). (Photo: Eric Parazelli)
August 9, 2017

After winning of the 2017 Prix de la chanson SOCAN by popular vote, the co-writers of the song “Les ferrofluides-fleurs”, Klô Pelgag and Karl Gagnon, visited SOCAN’s Montréal office to receive their prizes on July 31, 2017. Pelgag and Gagnon were all smiles after SOCAN’s Chief of Québec Affairs, Geneviève Côté, presented their $10,000 cash prize, as well as an Epiphone Masterbilt Century Olympic Guitar, a Yamaha PSR-S970 keyboard, and a $500 gift certificate from Long & McQuade.

All of SOCAN’s employees present that day joined in to congratulate the winners and share in their joy. “Les ferrofluides-fleurs,” from Klô Pelgag’s album L’étoile thoracique, is published by Coop Les Faux-Monnayeurs. Each Prix de la chanson SOCAN/SOCAN Songwriting Prize panel of 15 respected industry experts elects 10 songs created during the preceding year by emerging artists for the French and 10 for the English side of the contest. The public is then invited to vote once a day for their favourite French and English song in order to choose a winner in each official language.

The winners of the English side of the contest were pop-punk band PUP, for their song “DVP”. SOCAN warmly thanks its partners – Epiphone, Yamaha, and Long & McQuade – for their support, and hopes Klô Pelgag and Karl Gagnon will enjoy their well-earned prizes!