SOCAN Songwriting Prize 2017 winners PUP visit our Toronto office

SOCAN Songwriting Prize 2017 winners PUP at SOCAN’s Toronto office. Left to right: SOCAN CEO Eric Baptiste; PUP lead singer/guitarist Stefan Babcock, guitarist Steve Sladkowski, bassist Nestor Chumak and drummer Zack Mykula; and SOCAN President and Chair of the Board Stan Meissner. (Photo: Brad Ardley)
August 9, 2017

SOCAN Songwriting Prize 2017 winners and hard-touring punk band PUP dropped by SOCAN’s Toronto offices on Aug. 8, 2017, to receive their prizes – a SOCAN cheque for $10,000 CDN, an Epiphone Masterbilt Century Olympic Guitar, a Yamaha PSR-S970 keyboard, and a $500 gift card from Long & McQuade – for co-writing the winning song, “DVP.”

SOCAN Chief Membership Officer Michael McCarty introduced the band, and SOCAN CEO Eric Baptiste presented the group with their $10,000. Yamaha’s Omar Ales and Long & McQuade’s Sheri Katz presented PUP with their prize keyboard and gift card, respectively, while SOCAN Director, A&R, Rodney Murphy presented them the guitar. “It’s a huge honour, so thank you everyone,” said PUP lead singer/guitarist Stefan Babcock. “We’re very excited.”

After receiving their awards, Babcock and his fellow PUP members Nestor Chumak (bass), Zack Mykula (drums), and Steve Sladkowski (guitar) joined several SOCAN staff for a late-morning snack and beverages. SOCAN congratulates PUP once again on winning our 2017 songwriting prize!

The winners of the equivalent Francophone prize, the Prix de la chanson SOCAN, were Klô Pelgag and Karl Gagnon, for co-writing Pelgag’s song “Les ferrofluides-fleurs.”