SOCAN welcomes motion triggering parliamentary review of Copyright Act

December 13, 2017

SOCAN welcomes the House of Commons motion triggering the parliamentary review of the Copyright Act of Canada in 2018. This process, which was mandated as part of previous amendments to the Act in 2012, comes at a pivotal moment for authors, composers and music publishers.

"Canadian copyright legislation is lagging behind those of other G7 countries, and I hope that, through this review, Canada will want to assume a world leadership position on copyright, as it does on other issues," said Eric Baptiste, SOCAN’s Chief executive officer. "In a sector in turmoil, especially with the arrival of new ways to consume and listen to music, more than ever we need strong copyright protection to ensure that music creators and publishers are fairly compensated for their work."

SOCAN is Canada’s largest music organization and, with its combination of members and organizations licensed to play music, touches more than a quarter-million Canadian independent and small businesses. SOCAN is also Canada’s largest copyright collection organization, connecting more than four-million music creators worldwide as well as more than a quarter-million businesses and individuals in Canada. With a concerted use of progressive technology and a commitment to lead the global transformation of music rights, SOCAN is dedicated to upholding the fundamental truth that music has value.

SOCAN looks forward to working with the various parliamentary committees that will review the current law to provide expertise and bring the point of view of the songwriters, composers and music publishers.