Video: Anique Granger, Mehdi Cayenne among major winners at 2017 Gala des prix Trille Or

Saskatchewan-based Francophone Anique Granger won the Trille Or Award for Best songwriter presented by SOCAN. (Photo: Eric Parazelli)
May 9, 2017

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The 2017 Gala des prix Trille Or was held at the Centre des arts Shenkman, in Orléans, near Ottawa, on Friday, May 5, and was broadcast live across the country on UNIS. Mehdi Cayenne walked away with three honours: Best Album (for Aube), Best Male Artist, and Best Song for “La pluie.” Anique Granger won Best Songwriter, an award presented to her by SOCAN Chief of Québec Affairs, Geneviève Côté, as well as Best Female Artist. Thus, Cayenne and Granger were the major winners of the evening.

Among the other winners were Pandaléon, who won Best Group; Ponteix, who won Breakout Artist of the Year and Best EP; Caroline Savoie, who won for Best Album from Acadie; and the band Hey, Wow, who Best Live Show.

Eric Parazelli, Editor of SOCAN’s Paroles & Musique online magazine, was on hand to interview Mehdi Cayenne and Anique Granger after the biennial gala, presented by the Association des professionnels de la chanson et de la musique (APCM):

Prior to the gala, we asked Mehdi Cayenne to be our guide during the cocktail reception and red carpet, an invitation he accepted with all the enthusiasm for which he’s renowned. Have a look at the video here.

SOCAN was well-represented during the week of events leading up to the gala, with Montréal A&R Executive Guillaume Moffet participating in a panel on “The Royalty Mechanisms of Online Streaming Platforms,” and another on “The Ripple Effects of Supporting Emerging Artists.” Moffet also took part in the “Session Studio Pitch” event, presented by SOCAN, which offered an opportunity for four artists and bands – McLean, Amélie et les singes bleus, Justin Lacroix, and Le Paysagiste – to perform for an audience of delegates from France, and receive valuable advice on how to succeed in that country.

The winners of the 2017 Gala des prix Trille Or:

Best Lyricist, Composer or Songwriter (presented by SOCAN)
Anique Granger

Best Female Artist
Anique Granger

Best Male Artist
Mehdi Cayenne

Best Band

Best Album
Mehdi Cayenne — Aube

Best Album from Acadie
Caroline Savoie — Caroline Savoie

Best EP
Ponteix — J’orage

Breakout (artist or band)

Best Live Show
Hey, Wow — Hey, Wow

Best Song
Mehdi Cayenne — "La pluie" (Songwriter: Mehdi Cayenne, Publishers: Éditions Genison, Productions Pasa Musik)

Best Music Show, TV, radio or Web

The gala live broadcast is available on the Prix Trille Or website.